Yip Yops + Paper Foxes + The Slashes + Foxadillo


Paper Foxes, The Slashes, Foxadillo

Ages 21+
Yip Yops + Paper Foxes + The Slashes + Foxadillo

The Coachella Valley is where YIP YOPS were born and still call home. However, there’s an indefinable and indescribable urge that spurned the duo - frontman Ison Van Winkle and drummer Ross Murakami - to send their own kind of aftershocks through alternative music. The band’s singular sound could’ve been signed to Factory Records in 1981, but feels at home on your favorite Spotify playlist. That’s why the pair achieved the seemingly insurmountable within a few years of crystallizing its lineup. They went from gracing the stage at Coachella and touring the West Coast to building an organic buzz online. Counting New Order, The Smiths, and Pink Floyd among myriad influences, their sound tempers layered harmonies over swooning synths, robust accentuated guitars, and hyper-charged beats. Rising out from the area’s monolithic musical shadow, they prove the classic possibilities of musicians jamming in a suburban garage. 2019 sees the duo release more music as they push the single “She” and hit the road supporting KONGOS and FITNESS.

Venue Information:
Last Exit Live
717 S. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85004