Luke Banter

Luke Banter

Ages 18+
Luke Banter

Luke grew up in Chicago and began rapping to himself in grade school. Growing up in a close-minded school and neighborhood made it hard for him to feel comfortable having interest in an artistic practice. After many years of pursuing music as a hobby he recorded his first song in March 2014.

Luke describes his music as a breath of fresh air that aspires to change any mood from rage to peace. The songs are down to earth and are full of love over lust. His music is for anyone who was in love or wants to be in love. His music touches on many romantic themes such as heartbreak and love interests. He also loves to empower his fans and preach about self-love.

Earlier this year he released his debut single “Somebody Cooler” in April of 2019 and has amassed over 1M+ streams across streaming platforms. The song touches on themes of a boy getting his heartbroken by losing his crush to someone who is “Cooler” than him. His follow up single “Whoopsie Daisy” has gained 400k plays across streaming platforms and focuses on falling in and out of love. Recently, Luke dropped his single “Allergic” which is leading up to his debut project and has gained over 200k plays in two weeks since its first release.

Luke has big plans for 2020 with his debut project planning to be released early in the year.

Venue Information:
Last Exit Live
717 S. Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85004