Guilty Pleasures Show
KWSS & 80/20 Records Present

Guilty Pleasures Show

Under 21 With Guardian
Come join us as your favorite local artists perform the songs we all secretly love! All while supporting KWSS 93.9 FM.


Harper and the Moths

Promise to Myself

Gabe Kubanda

The Bellwethers

Pretty Years

Daphne and the Glitches

The Twits Band

Carol Pacey & Andy Borunda

Megan & Shane

Shout-out to our incredible sponsor Bravo Pay. If you don't know about them please go check them out (especially if you're an artist).

FUN FACT: Did you know KWSS is 100% independent, locally-owned and a 501(c)3 supporting the arts, entertainment, and small business commmunity in Phoenix? Everyone involved with the station is a volunteer.

Like NPR and PBS, KWSS relies on listener support for operational costs. Items such as music licensing, promotional materials, broadband connectivity, studio and transmitter facilities, insurance, power, web hosting and phones.

Unlike NPR and PBS, KWSS is not a part of a larger network of stations. FCC regulations requires us to remain fully independent and locally operated right here in Phoenix. This is one of the main reasons we can support so much local music without having to give up time to other local artists from other markets. We are proud of our unique mix of commercial, indie, and local music. There is nothing else like it on the FM!

Venue Information:
Last Exit Live
717 S. Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ, 85004