No need to mail promo kits, call or show up randomly to the venue.  Simply email with your band’s relevant information such as web page  or Facebook page, along with a band bio and information on any previous show history in Phoenix.


Last Exit Live is a 21+ only venue with state of the art sound & production.  All shows are General Admission with limited seating available within the venue area.  We do have an outdoor smoking patio with some additional seating as well.

Flash photography and videotaping are permitted with approval from Last Exit Live with advanced notice.  Media must be 21+ to enter.

All guest-lists are due a half hour before doors open


All information regarding the production of your show such as load in, sound check, & where to send band stage plot/input list should be done through our production manager at:


We have a conveniently located band parking lot on the south side of our building with direct access to the band load in door.  For those traveling in an RV or bus we have a 30 amp outlet available on the building for electrical hookup.


Load in times vary depending upon show time and other acts on the bill.  Please advance your load in time with our production manager at:

The load in door goes directly onto the stage from our band parking lot on the south side of the building. There is no indoor staging area for gear so bands waiting to play must stage any gear outside of the load in door.  PLEASE NOTE it is the bands responsibility to secure & watch any and all gear that is being staged outside.

All band & crew members must be identified by approved wrist bands or band credentials for access through the load in door and must be advanced & approved through the venue prior to show.  Anyone on the bands guest list must enter through the front door only.

Load-in Door: 7’0”H x 3’6″W

Load-in Ramp: Yes


Bands must load out immediately following their set and in a timely manner in order to prepare the stage for the next band playing.  Once a band has started playing its set the load in door must remain closed throughout the duration of their set.


We will make every attempt to provide a full sound check for all bands performing but sometimes time restraints and the amount of bands playing will only allow for a line check.  Please note that although our stage is big enough to backline most gear it is not large enough to backline drums.  Any band, other than the opener, who receives a full sound check will need to remove drums after their sound check unless they are sharing a kit.  Sound check should be 30 minutes which includes set up, 1-2 songs and tear down.  Line checks will be after set change and should be no longer than 20 minutes (which includes tear down of the last band, set up of your band and line check).


Set times vary depending upon the show and how many acts are on the bill.  Set times should be advanced through the production manager:


Doors are typically 1 hour prior to the first bands scheduled start time.


Absolutely no pyrotechnics/open fire inside venue or on stage.


Local bands playing Last Exit Live must not have another show booked within 2 weeks prior and 1 Week after in the Phoenix Metro area.  Your draw will suffer because of this and can affect future bookings at the venue.  We want your show to be a successful and memorable experience for your band and fans alike.


We have a full time staff dedicated to marketing and promotions that can help provide bands with local press lists and ideas on marketing their show.  We can also coordinate with bands on fliers, social media, and other outlets for promoting their show.  Our marketing department can be reached at:


Please send all promo materials to:

Last Exit Live


717 S. Central Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85004

(11 x 17 posters and/or handbills are preferred)




Last Exit Stage and Truss Diagram


24ft wide x 12ft deep x 2ft tall



Behringer  X32  Digital  Mixer  w/  Dell  Inspirion  PC  running  Reaper  for  32  ch.  of recording  and  playback.


RapcoHorizon  24×4  Multi-­‐channel  stage  snake




Mains:  (5)  QSC  K8  1000  watt  Active  Loudspeakers

Subs:  (2) QSC KW181 1000 watt 18” Active Subwoofers
(2)  Yamaha  DXS15  950  watt 15″ Active  Subwoofers
Surrounds:  (4)  JBL  Control  28  powered  by  (2)  Behringer Nuke 1000’s
Monitors:  (4)  Electro-­‐Voice  ELX112  1000  watt  Active  2-­‐Way  Monitors

(1) Custom Passive 3 -way Drum monitor with 1” HF Tweeter, 10” mid-range driver, and 15” LF Driver

Microphones  &  Stands:

(5)  Sennheiser  835’s

(2)  Shure  SM58’s
(3)  Audix  i5’s
(2)  Shure  SM57’s
(3)  Sennheiser  e604’s
(2)  Shure  Beta  52’s
(2)  Rode  NT5’s  (matched  pair)
(1)  Rode  NT55
(2)  Rode  NT1A’s
(6)  DI  boxes
(10)  Tall  Boom  Stands
(10)  Medium  Boom  Stands
(5)  Short  Boom  stands
(3)  Tall  Straight  Stands



Elation  DMX  Operator  Lighting  console

(3)  Chauvet  Slimpar  Tri  12  IRC’s

(5)  Chauvet  Slimpar  Tri  7  IRC’s

(6)  Martin  MX1’s



(1) NEC GT1150 short throw projector (3000 Lumen; ceiling mount; front projection)
(1) 21’ x 8’ white stretched cloth projection surface located on the upstage wall of the stage (projection surface is in a fixed position on the rear wall and cannot be relocated. Screen is covered with a black curtain when not in use)
(1) 100’ installed VGA cable to projector originating from the sound booth w/ preview monitor



(6) 100  ft  HD/SDI  lines  running  from  FOH  multiple camera mounting points throughout the venue



The following recording services are available through our production department:

Live audio recording packages

Multi-camera video recording packages

Multi-camera live streaming packages (Facebook Live or You Tube)

For rates & questions or to schedule a recording please contact our production department at